Purple-Roof® enhanced by Urbanscape® - an innovative conceptual Green Roof design

Purple-Roof® has 7 objectives:

  • To retain more water than any other concept
  • To resist sheet flow
  • To provide instant vegetation
  • To be carbon minded (to be truly sustainable)
  • To use only natural and safe materials
  • To provide proper oxygenation of the root zone
  • To be able to support proper soil biology

Purple-Roof Logo

*Purple-Roof® concept is only availabe in North America.

Purple-Roof® Design

Purple-Roof® is a non-proprietary concept that is already available through many green roof providers across North America and provides an instantly vegetated roof that employs vegetation as a tool to protect the soil and resist runoff.

Three key layers serve as the base for the concept:

  • Pre-grown Sedum Mat / Blankets
  • Specific non-proprietary soil recipe,
  • Specially designed Urbanscape® needled binder-free mineral wool, which we simply call Urbanscape® HydroBlanket

Purple roof

Order your Purple-Roof® demo folder to touch and test the Urbanscape® Needled Mineral Wool HydroBlanket.

Dimensions of the folder: 310 × 220 × 15 mm

*Purple-Roof® concept is only availabe in North America.