Why Urbanscape® Landscaping Solutions?

The landscaping industry is constantly evolving to ensure:

  1. Good water conservation* practices and reduced evaporation
  2. More vigorous plant growth and better resistance to environmental stress
  3. Control over soil erosion
  4. Storm water management and less storm water runoff, reducing local flooding

*Significantly reduced water consumption is just one of the primary advantages of the innovative Urbanscape® Landscaping System from Knauf Insulation, which is designed to meet the many challenges associated with water management.

Urbanscape® Landscaping System - an innovative and easy to install system that boasts high water retention

It is designed specifically for landscaping areas such as residential gardens, sports fields, commercial spaces, cemeteries, public parks and various complex green architectural solutions.

Green Solutions - Urbanscape Landscaping Long - June 2014

Order your Landscaping Demo folder to touch and test the Urbanscape® Green Roll.

Dimensions of the folder: 310 × 220 × 15 mm