Download free Urbanscape® "PET" Report for selected City now and understand Green roof benefits better!

Performance Evaluation Tool software package (shortly “PET”) was designed to simultaneously analyze all year’s thermo-hydrologial performance of basic roof design in a specific town/country, and compare current roof performance with optimal Urbanscape® Green Roof Design.

Obtained data will help you define what type of vegetated roof needs to be installed to reach best possible performance whether this is:

  • rainwater contol,
  • cooling effect,
  • thermal insulation,
  • reduction of hest island effect

You can get free project reports for specific cities now. Enter you contact data into the contact form on the right!

If you would like to receive customised Urbanscape® Green Roof performance indicators for your roof (specific data imput needed), ask for a customised evaluation via our e-mail

Sample PET report Preview:

Abu Dhabi UAE - Lightweight construction with Urbanscape Green Roof Premium High System